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Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Polar Bear Critical Habitat From Oil Development

January 13, 2011

The Center for Biological Diversity today formally notified Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that it intends to sue the Interior Department for its failure to protect polar bear critical habitat from harmful oil and gas development in Alaska. The Center is demanding that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, Bureau of Land Management [...]

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Will Obama Dam Salmon to Extinction?

May 18, 2010
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On the heels of the catastrophic oil spill that is crushing wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico, the Obama administration is poised to make a decision this week that could change the fate of endangered species in this country. On May 20, the Administration will release a federal salmon plan that will do one of two [...]

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Appalachian Group Awards ‘Military’ Pins in Attack against CHASE Bank

April 19, 2010

Climate Ground Zero offers a special edition badge for individuals who cancel a CHASE bank account in protest of mountaintop removal in Appalachia. Next week the shareholders of JP Morgan Chase bank will be meeting, and Climate Ground Zero, a project of American Forest Alliance 501(c)3 wants to send a message to CHASE bank shareholders: [...]

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Giveaway: A Global Warning? History Channel DVD

October 19, 2009

[Update: We have a winner! Using, I pulled a number out of a hat, and the winner of the DVD is Joe A.! (comment #17) Joe, I'll be emailing you to get your mailing address. Congratulations! Thanks to all of you for participating] We’ve got a copy of the History Channel’s A Global Warning? [...]

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Technology Transfer and Climate Change (Video)

October 16, 2009

“”Tech Transfer” is a phrase everyone who’s serious about climate change should have at the top of their “to advocate for” list. What KINDS of technologies to develop is one conversation to have. Another one is whether or not to share them with developing countries who would otherwise burn coal and oil. Sounds like a [...]

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Blog Action Day: It’s Up to Us

October 15, 2009
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Whether you call it global warming or climate change, the issue of human impact on the earth’s systems is a very real one. For climate change skeptics, it’s a big jump to imagine that we are affecting the world around us, and it’s easy to point the finger at other people’s actions and say that [...]

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The BeauSoleil Solar Home: Self Sufficient Solar Decathlon Entry

September 30, 2009

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Who’s All Wet on Rising Sea Levels? [Video]

September 28, 2009

“Sea level rise. It’s been the subject of myth, legend and pop culture for millenia. It is going to be one of the major destructive effects of global climate change. So naturally, its something that makes deniers do and say crazy things.”

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Activist Invites 6,000 Chevron Employees to Watch CRUDE Documentary

September 25, 2009

The controversial documentary about the pending lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador, CRUDE, may just reach the people that could make a difference: Chevron employees. Activist Trudie Styler has invited all 6,000 San Francisco Bay area Chevron employees to view a free screening of the film.

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Maldives President Nasheed Calls for 350 Action on October 24, 2009

September 23, 2009

“Mohamed Nasheed, the president of the Maldives, isn’t just brave because he endured five years as a political prisoner before finally ousting the country’s longtime ruler in an election last fall. He’s brave, too, because he’s confronting head-on the question of the country’s survival, instead of simply focusing on easier issues.” Find out more at [...]

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