Cafe Standards-Miles Per Gallon or A Good Frappacino?

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cafe standards 150x150 Cafe Standards Miles Per Gallon or A Good Frappacino?
Written by Adam Shake
Cafe Standards Definition: Corporate Average Fuel Economy. This is the term used for the sales weighted average fuel economy (in MPG) for a manufacturer’s fleet of passenger cars and light trucks (less than 8500 GVWR) sold in the United States for any given model year.

These standards are regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

A good Frappacino Definition

1 cup extra-strong, cold coffee. Be sure coffee is very strong. It will be diluted with equal amounts offrappacino 150x150 Cafe Standards Miles Per Gallon or A Good Frappacino? ice.
1 cup crushed ice OR the equivalent in small ice cubes that will crush readily in a blender or drink mixer
2 tb sp good quality cocoa powder
2 tb sp sugar (or to taste)
Optional: 2 tb sp flavored syrup

Which one is better?  That’s a difficult call.  But just for sake of conversation, lets talk about the first definition.

In 1975, Congress set a 1985 goal of 27.5 mpg for passenger cars. (And we all know that manufactures didn’t follow the law, right?)  Well, 1975 came and went and congress didn’t do anything until 2003.  (Why do you think that is?)

In 2003, Congress finally acted.  Did they raise the Cafe Standards, or even try to enforce them?  Nope, they lowered them! (to 21 m.p.g.) Now this figure does not include heavy utility vehicles like the Hummer, but be assured, Heavy Utility Vehicles get close to 10 m.p.g. less than the Cafe Standards require.

How is this legal?  In a moral and ethical world, it would not be.  But we don’t live in one of those, do we?

Knowledge is power.

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